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Frequently asked questions

What size businesses do you deal with?

Generally speaking we like working with small businesses (less than 15 employees). We find these are the businesses where we can bring the most value to. That said our largest clients have approximately 100 staff and we do offer corporate rates for larger organisations. Regardless of your size you can be gauranteed the same high level of service our clients have come to expect from us.

What types of areas can your consulting advice cover?

Some of the more common things we deal with are; ​* Drafting HR letters on behalf of employers * Award identification and interpretation * Employment types and classifications * Recruitment and selection policies * Position descriptions * Onboarding and induction * Leave types and applications * Requests for flexible working arrangements * Casual to part-time or full-time conversions * Probation evaluation * Performance appraisal * Breach of company policies * Performance management and disciplinary issues * Workplace investigations * Resignation and termination * Redundancy * Exit interviews * Responses and hearings with the Fairwork Commission. * Grievance management * Mediation and negotiation * Contract negotiation

Does this mean you will come out to our business and take care of all of our HR needs?

All of our consulting is either done via phone, email or video conference. We do not conduct site visits as part of your normal services, but we find 99% of all matters can be handled via the above methods.

Do we have to do anything at the business level?

Like any type of consulting, our role is to provide you with sound advice. We still need willing participants on the ground to implement the advice we provide. We find for most small businesses this is the Owner/Operator. For larger businesses we can work with your HR or other administrators to provide advice and support.

Do you provide OH&S support?

OH&S is really a seperate field and very specific to your workplace, industry and location. Laws vary significantly from state to state and by occupation, and as such we only cover generic OH&S topics in your Employee Handbook. We can provide general OH&S advice as part of your consulting, but we do not offer a comprehensive service in this regard. We do have a range of partners we can refer you to if OH&S is a particular focus of your business.

How do I know if this is good value?

Don't take our word for it, feel free to make your own enquiries. You will find that if you contact any Employment Law Firm or reputable Human Resources Firm their fees for drafting a custom Employee Handbook are well in excess of our fees. Our business model is disruptive in the sense it provides a superior service to our competitors for a fraction of the price. When you consider that these Handbooks will provide many years of service, then the initial investment is really quite nominal. Many of our clients have contacted us after they have already had a claim bought against them, and only wish they had these policies and procedures in place beforehand.

Why are you different to other consulting firms?

We run an online and lean business model that allows us to pass these savings onto our customers. We still are able to offer a full range of consulting services just as larger firms can, just without the hefty price tag and large retainers.

How do we accept payment?

We accept payment via Paypal for Employee Handbooks and any consulting advice you may require.

How can we contact you?

Our contact details are +02 5311 5602 Alternatively we can arrange a meeting in our offices at Level 35 Tower One 100 Barangaroo Rd, Barangaroo NSW 2000 by appointment only. All post can be sent to attn: Employee Handbooks at the above address.

Do you provide general HR consulting advice?

Yes. We provide basic support and minor changes within the first 12 months free of charge to our clients. If you require specialist HR advice or changes to your Handbook after the first 12 months our clients receive a 50% discount on our normal consulting fee of $200 per hour ($100 per hour for existing clients).

What format do you supply the Handbooks in?

We initially work with you on a digital copy of the Employee Handbook using a PDF document where you can make notes and indicate changes you require. Once you are happy with the Handbook, we provide a final PDF digital version as well as one hardcopy of the Handbook in a bound folder. We suggest using the digital copy for any internal intranets or online access points for staff and using your hardcopy as a training and induction tool that all staff physically sign off on. Additional copies of the hardcopy manual can either be printed from your PDF version, or we can supply additional copies for $99 each including delivery.

What if I need minor changes to my Handbook

As part of our service we allow complimentary minor changes to be made to your Handbook within the first 12 months. Any changes you require will generally be made within 48 hours and an updated PDF copy will be sent to you free of charge. We find that 12 months is ample for most of our clients to fine tune their manual and takes into account any business changes during that time. For more major changes such as new policies or changes outside of the 12 month window, we provide our clients a discounted consulting rate of $100 per hour (billed in 15 minute increments of $25).

Do you provide Contracts of Employment?

Yes we provide templates for Contracts of Employment as an additional extra when purchasing your handbook. We supply the document, fully drafted for each employee at the cost of $199 per Employee. All you need to do is review the document and have the employee sign.

What is the difference between an Employee Handbook and Contract of Employment?

In short, the contract of Employment clearly outlines in legal terms the rights and obligations on both parties (the employer and the employee). The terms contained within are legally enforceable by both parties. The Employee Handbook has a range of both "strict" and "softer" policies that are intended to be binding on the employee, but not neccersarily binding on the employer. The Handbooks will provide additional content and clarification that the Employment Contract may not and is written in a language the employee is more readily able to understand (less legal jargon). We reccommend that all of our clients use the two documents in conjunction with each other. Consider them to be first line and the second line of defence in Employment Relations claims.

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